What does it mean to be fully present? To be here now. To be living truly in the moment. Being fully aware and fully present is hard to do. Life is constantly changing. Things are constantly changing. Time flies. The days go by and the years pass. We blink and all of a sudden, our kids are teenagers. We blink and all of a sudden, we are fifty and facing retirement. Times flies from how fast our kids grow, to the stock market, to technology changing. Life goes at the speed of light. With the hustle and bustle of daily life it is hard to remain focused on the present. It is hard to pause. With all the things in life moving so quickly it is hard to stop and be focused in the moment. Here are three ideas to help you live in the moment:

  1. Focus on the now.
    You cannot change what happened yesterday so you can’t dwell on it. The focus is to be in the present and to be in the now. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. If you had a bad day yesterday, you can’t go back in time. You can focus on today, live in the present, learn from your mistake and make today a better day. So look at your calendar. Every morning look at what you need to do for the day. Then see what you can do about your day to slow things down and be fully present with each meeting or with every moment.
  2. Move on from mistakes.
    I believe we can learn the most from our mistakes. My goal is to make more mistakes faster. Things happen in life. That is called life. It could be a car accident, medical issues, something at work, something in our business, or something with our kids. We cannot change the bad things that happen but we can learn from them. Whatever we focus on comes to us. So, when the bad things happen, learn from them and move on. I’m not saying ignore the bad things or not deal with them, just the opposite. Deal with them and move on so you can truly live in the moment.
  3. Daily affirmations and daily gratitude.
    One way to being open to change is to start your day with affirmations. Tell yourself that everything can be figured out. Maria Forleo has my favorite saying “Everything is figureoutable.” That if bad things happen (which they will) it is how you respond to the stuff that matters. Another idea to live more in the present is to write down or say out loud of the things you are grateful for. Putting your mind in the attitude for gratefulness shifts your mindset to positive and into a better and healthier state of mind. You could be grateful you got a new client, you or your family are healthy, you got a raise, or you simply got up in the morning. Being grateful is all about finding joy, happiness, and living in the present.

Living in the moment is all about being present. Enjoying the moments. Making memories. So don’t dwell on yesterday, start your day with affirmations, and write down all the things you are grateful for to help you live in the moment.

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