Every year, Nicole checks twelve things off of her Live it List, and you can too!

Join us on a seven-week journey to greater fulfillment, new experiences, and community.

What’s Included

Seven weeks of lessons around happiness, finding your purpose, and checking off your Live it List.

Week 1 – “Your Live it List”

Week 2 – “What Makes You Happy?”

Week 3 – “Living Your Purpose”

Week 4 – “The Power of Gratitude”

Week 5 – “Your Vision”

Week 6 – “Reaching your Goals”

Week 7 – “Living Life to the Fullest”

Every week, you will have access to LIVE COACHING with Nicole on our weekly group coaching calls.

What’s Included

Live coaching calls will be on Tuesdays at 6pm CT

  • September 12, 2023
  • September 19, 2023
  • September 26, 2023
  • October 3, 2023
  • October 10, 2023
  • October 17, 2023
  • October 24, 2023


7 Weekly Group Calls $3500
7 Powerful Lessons $700
Private Community Access Priceless
Total Value $4200
Your Cost $1499

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About Nicole

Nicole is a knowledge junkie, a mentor, and a born coach. She is an entrepreneur who has run her own business since 2003. Nicole is the author of five books, and the mother of two phenomenal children. She is also a world traveler, a philanthropist, and an accomplished public speaker.

Nicole’s primary goal is to inspire others to make real change in their lives by taking complicated things and making them easy to understand and giving actionable items to make change.

Nicole loves to work hard to empower individuals to make crucial, positive changes in their own lives. Nicole’s books have received local and national press coverage. She has become known for her thoughtful concise quotes, relaxed on-air presence, and articulate delivery during both radio and television interviews.

Through Nicole’s writing, public speaking, coaching program and work, she wants to be the one who supports them on all levels.

What is the Live it List?

“Why do we have to wait until we are dying to do the things we’ve always wanted to do?”

Live it List activities can be anything from going caroling during the holidays, to snowboarding, to taking a hot air balloon ride. Maybe it is going flyboarding, swimming with sharks, learning to play the piano, writing a book, participating in a sandcastle competition, running a 5k or whatever you can dream up!

Your Live It List is your list of all the things you want to accomplish in your life while living your life to the fullest.

Just doing one thing that stretches you beyond your comfort zone can change your life.

We hope you join us in the movement!


“We love Nicole and The Live it List. It allows us to have fun together and think about enjoying awesome experiences”

~ Kristin & Susan

“The Live It List is something that anyone can do at any point and integrate into your life and make a big difference.”

~ Laura